Playlist #001: Feelings You Provide

AI-generated candy hearts, courtesy of Janelle Shane

Welcome to Molasses Mag! In case you’re not familiar with who we are and what we do (or even if you are), check out our manifesto and about. tl;dr we’re a new music publication for, by and about people of color who love music. Whether you’re an artist (musical or otherwise), a fan, a journalist, a blogger or any combination thereof, this one’s for you.

And because we love you so much, we made you a playlist of our favorite love songs by artists of color. You can be the first to receive this playlist every single month by subscribing to our newsletter, and you’ll also receive updates on what we’re doing (compilation albums! live shows! WHO KNOWS!) and what we’re reading.

We’re in the soft launch phase right now, but we’ll be launching officially on April 13, and we could not be more excited about all of the amazing content we have in store.

Until then, kick back, relax and enjoy Feelings You Provide.

With love,

Molasses Mag

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