About Us

James Factora is from Los Angeles and will never shut up about it. They’re currently a New York-based freelance writer and reluctant college student with words in them., Slate, Bustle and more. They also occasionally make music under the name Lavender Menace, and primarily perform this music in their partner’s basement.

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Dan is a queer Viet writer, artist and recent journalism graduate originally from Houston, Texas and currently based in New York. Catch them rewatching reruns of ANTM, listening to Japanese dub and creating crap designs in Paint 3D.

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Olivia Wood is a writer, musician and podcast apprentice from Los Angeles. Besides music, she likes kimchi, speculative fiction and Netflix stand-up specials. She wants everyone to know that we live in a society.

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Leah is ostensibly a writer, definitely a student and absolutely a Beyoncé historian. Their work can be found on Fake Shore Drive, These Days, and Northwestern University Press’ The End of Chiraq: A Literary Mixtape. All additional nonsense and recommended reading can be found on Twitter @unofficialee.